This canning business is hard work

If you remember I got a pressure canner for christmas from my mom. She got us a really great canner, lots of positive reviews, my cousin Christene even has one. And yesterday I finally got to use it.

I have been reading that the corn early in the season is the best to can, so I pre ordered a “sack” of corn from a farm in Pilot, VA. I had to make Boomer go with me to the market to get it since I didn’t think I would be able to carry it all. It was about 50 lbs of corn.

The bag the corn came in was a 100 lb feed bag for a horse (reduce, reuse, recycle) and was about 3/4 full. Since Madigan and I would be home most of the day ourselves, we tackled shucking the corn while cartoons were still on.

For perspective, that is a LARGE beach towel. All the husks went into a large kitchen trash bag. (Yes it could have all gone to the worm but our bin is small.)

That’s 60 ears of corn. We kept back 10 ears to eat this next week…but I thinkk after spending so much time with corn, I might share them with folks at work.

I took a break to freak out and start whipping up food. We had a wind storm on Friday night that downed a lot of trees, one being at my in-laws house. Lots of people without power, so I do what I can do, which is food. It turns out that everything was okay-ish and we weren’t needed, so back to processing corn.

Cutting the kernels off the cob raw was hard, and I am sore today. My hands got all tingley at one point, so I think I finally know what people are talking about with carpul tunnel. I think the suggestion of using an electric knife is brilliant. I think I would get one if I saw it at a yard sale or thrift store.

It took a long time to get to this spot. 17 pints in the pressure canner. It took a long time to get the canner up to 10 lbs of pressure. Since it was my first time I think I was a little passive on temps. Being a little more cautious what with the exploding canners from the 60s.

It worked…I think. The cans all popped. The seals look sealed. I would like to say that when they put something in the recipe like loose pack and generous 1 inch, take it seriously. I see that the corn expanded, and could have used a little more water. I will chalk this up to live and learn.

Would I do it again, yes…would I do it tomorrow, no. I think saving corn would be a couple times a season. And when it comes to the corn later in the season they say that is better to freeze due to the sugar content. Now to find myself an electric knife.