You know what happens when you assume

I try not to fall into believing packaging and thinking something is better than it really is. You know I love shopping at the farmers market, any farmers market will do. The one we frequent most sets the standard for other markets. I know the bar is high, I trust the vendors and farmers. I rarely worry about reading the ingredient.

A few weeks ago I was at another market and saw a woman selling savory pies. Madigan had a sample and loved it. We got one, tucked it away in the freezer for a night when she and I would need to have dinner without Boomer and we could enjoy this chicken and veggie pot pie.

As I pre heated the oven, I was reading the directions and saw the ingredients…

and I was very disappointed. Yellow and Red? And as we were eating it, I was trying to figure out where those two came into play. Don’t get me wrong, the pie was DELICIOUS and would most likely buy another one, but my expectations were that this was homemade, not half way homemade.

I am almost certain it was packaged pie crust. I am no baker, but that top crust looks perfect, and perfect comes from machines. Again I would like to say that it tasted very very good, the filling had LOTS of chicken and good flavor from the veggies, but thought I could make this totally homemade. So it’s on the list, the list of things I want to make homemade.

Lesson of this post, don’t assume just because it’s from a farmers market you don’t have to read the labels.