a decade later

Most days I like to fool myself into thinking I am who I have always been, Jodie at 20 is basically the same person I am today. I fool myself a lot, then something really BIG to 20 year old Jodie is a nothing to me today.

Before I got married almost 12 years ago and had a baby almost 11 years ago my entire life was music. I had been working in radio most of my life, going to concerts, music for me was what mattered. I am old enough to have owned records, 8-tracks (nothing make a song better then hearing that “ka-chunk” sound while the player switched tracks), cassettes, CD and now digital music. Music was my life, it was where I spend most of my time and money.

Now a decade later and our “music computer” the one that has I-Tunes with all of our music is on it’s last leg. This is also the computer we do our podcasts on. We are getting a new one, so we can continue to do podcasts. When we were talking about what to do about the music, I thought I would freak out, and demand we just add a 4th computer to the house and leave the almost dead one alone, solely to hold that music. What if we lose it all, what if I can never hear that hidden track on Kerosene Hat “Euro Trash Girl” which is on a mix cd along with “Long Haired Guys From England” from Too Much Joy. The thing is, I didn’t freak out.

I have my I-pod with all that music on there, and honestly sadly I haven’t made a mix tape (a mix folder on I tunes) since before Madigan was born. A decade later what matters to me is so much more, and the thought of losing what use to be everything is nothing now. Don’t mistake this for me not loving music, because I do. I love listening to music with my family, I enjoy having Madigan hear something she likes, which then makes her want to hear more from that band, a good example is TMBG.

They Might Be Giants is a band I loved and listened to in my 20s and 30s. They put out a few kid CDs which Madigan loved, they do the music for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Once she got a little older we started playing the “regular” albums and she loved it. I like that she loves music and it gets to be important and meaningful to her, heck it’s in her DNA she is born to two DJs.

I don’t seek out new music, if my friend Steve talks about something new, I might buy it, or have him send me a mix to see if I love it too, but it’s turned into background music for my life. The three of us singing Queen together, taking road trips or her playing Axel F on the piano. It is still surprising to me that music has taken a back seat to everything. 20 year old Jodie would be so disappointed in me.