Making pickles

We are lucky where we live to have a great farmer’s market and awesome vendors. One of the vendors is Good Food Good People. They bring in a variety of produce, meat, dairy and homemade items. They also have bulk produce order. These are the people who I got my giant bag of corn from and boxes of potatoes. I like that they encourage their customers to buy in bulk — they promote food saving and canning.

I preordered cucumbers for pick up today so I could make pickles. We got a 30 pound box along with 3 pounds from another stand. 33 pounds of cukes is over 100. I washed, trimmed and sliced 2/3 of the cucumbers.

I started around 4 and was done about 7. I ended up with 3 quarts of dill spears, 2 quarts of dill chips, 6 pints of spears, 2 hot spears, 3 half pints of chunks. We did some in the fridge to eat in a few weeks and processed most in the canner for consumption in a couple months.

I really enjoy canning, maybe not the last 15 minutes before you are done and just want it to be over, but taking the time to prepare this food, being aware of the seasons, planning for winter. It makes those last 15 minutes worth it.