We survived

Summers are hard with the working parents. Our babysitter quit before she even started, work schedules were not accommodating and I cried a lot. Thankfully we had a combo of grandma’s both local and out of state, vacation days for mom and dad and 3 weeks of day camp to cover. It was not always perfect but it worked and today was the start of 5th grade.

(her looks orange, but that’s just the CFLs)

If it were up to me I would work from home, or be a stay at home mom/homemaker. Madigan would be home schooled with the extra curricular activities thru Community School. We would live on a farm and sell at the market and and and…

Until then we do what we can, and when that’s not enough we do what we have to just to make it work. With a few bribes and exceptions we get though it. Here’s to a great school year.