did someone mention a house?

This is the house we are trying to buy. Here’s what I love about this house, we could have 2 more kids and still not out grow it. (At 43 that’s not happening, but I enjoy the thought) There’s room for everything that could come up in the next 10 years. Practicing music, working on a dunk shot, coming up with a science fair project, practicing lines from a play, getting ready for prom, studying for the SATs–it can all be done here. I don’t know about you, but the thought of having a second kitchen to can on a hot day and still be able to make dinner upstairs is amazing. A portion of the basement isn’t heated so we have a decent place to store all of that canning and the worms can be in a cooler place than the pantry in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless; water reclamation, solar panels, composting, sustainable living, chickens and pigs can all be done here.

We are getting a home inspection Wednesday, USDA guy has to come out and check property, appraisal, underwriting. If all works well and there are no delays we would close between thanksgiving and christmas.