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Episode 44: Stocking Up On Local Chickens For The Winter


In this episode Jodie shares some tips for stocking up on local chickens for the winter. We also share some lame excuses for why we haven’t posted a new podcast episode in awhile.

Also check out our episode on the differences between locally raised chicken and that poultry-like stuff at the grocery store.

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Even with a sick kiddo

the chickens needed to get processed. So Boomer went alone while Madigan and I camped out on the couch with pedialite, Popsicles and a bowl…just in case. Most of the day Madigan slept, having been up till 3 getting sick every 7 to 10 min. When Boomer got home I got to work on breaking down 20 chicken. The first 8 are a breeze, the next 5 you think why did I get so many, then the last 7 go in the freezer whole. It’s all worth it though.

That’s one full freezer.

Easy quick dinner

Baked eggs in prosciutto cups are a busy weeknight dinner. A vendor sells prosciutto at the market every few weeks and it is both terribly expensive and terribly good. So i buy a pack of meat that is more expensive than saffron per ounce and save it for a random Wednesday night when I can’t seem to get a decent dinner together. All you need is onions/scallions/leeksm, eggs, prosciutto, and some cheese.

Line the pan cups with prosciutto, put in some of the aromatics or cheese, and then break an egg into the cup. Pop into the oven @ 375 until the eggs are cooked to your liking. I then sprinkle cheese on top and melt it a little. I like my eggs cooked hard so we put them in for a little extra.

Tastes much better than it looks.