trying to keep expectations low

Buying a house is a big deal. Buying a house that could give us the freedom to do all the things we want to do is HUGE, especially since we have been looking for about a year. Remember this one? Or this one? With that in mind, I am trying to stay cool about it. Not get too excited. I don’t know if that’s something I have learned over the years, do not get overly excited about something cause if it doesn’t happen you won’t looks so disappointed. I don’t like getting disappointed…in fact I am the worst at not having my expectations met.

Example, Madigan…I wanted a girl so badly, even on the last sonogram we got, which was about 3 days before christmas I asked the tech again, is there anyway this could be a boy (I have a terrible poker face and would have sobbed openly in the birthing room had it been a boy.) and she said “Not without a series of painful operations.” I expected my little girl, had it been anything else I would have been devastated.

With the house, we are still at the “we walk away” point if the sellers don’t do what we ask. So when Boomer and Madigan want to go pick out colors for the walls or look at lawnmowers, I remind them we still live in an apartment. I also have to keep my hope for the garden and making portable coops in check cause I know I will be the one cheering everyone up if we don’t get the house.

Another tidbit about the house. Closing around christmas, kind of scares me. I am a busy gal last week of the year, only a little time off from work but SOOOO MUCH TO DO. It’s christmas eve dinner, open presents, breakfast christmas morning at Margaret’s, open more presents, over to Boomer’s folks for dinner, more presents. Day after christmas take down the tree and take down all christmas decorations, make birthday cake. Madigan’s birthday means donuts for breakfast, open presents, pictures taken, chinese food for lunch, open presents, what ever else she wants to do, make special birthday dinner or out to eat, more presents. Couple days off, New Years eve super snack party till midnight. Couple more days and we celebrate our 12th anniversary (and they said it would never last). I have things to do that I can’t just wait on.

Oh and let’s not forget we still need to strategically place our bet on when everything will be done and put in our notice at said apartment.