When you are here you are family

Didn’t plan my trip to the market very well today. Normally I stop at the ATM and get cash out so I can get what ever I need after work. I had forgotten that I didn’t have cash on me when I got to the market. When I got out I asked the market manager if they did the chips for regular debt cards or just EBT cards. He said just EBT. When I started to leave he asked what do you need. I explained I needed eggs and some other veggies, he loaned me 20 bucks and said just bring it back next week. “I see you all the time, we are a family here.” I was very touched that he didn’t even want me to write my name down or anything.

I needed eggs, but the hens aren’t laying many eggs this time of year, everyone was out. When I went to the lady I get spinach from I asked her about eggs, she said she was sold out too. She could see the disappointment and said another farmer had given her eggs as a gift and asked me if I would like them. I told her I didn’t want to take her eggs, since they were a gift, and eggs are hard to come by right now…she said she wanted to give them to me. Went out to her car and brought me the most beautiful eggs.

It really is like family. How many of us will leave grandma’s house Thursday with leftovers? How many times have you gone to see your mom and ended up staying for dinner? What our farmer’s market does goes way beyond just selling food. There is a sense of community, and my farm community is like family. I might not know all their names but I know what veggies they grow, the ingredients they put in their baked goods and who’s pork tastes the best. I know when I don’t see them at the market I hope they are enjoying time off and if they are gone two weeks I worry about them. The market is the highlight of my week, my favorite place to shop for food and something I look forward to…And I hope they know that.

I also hope they know is how thankful I am, all year round for what they do for me and my family. And when we sit down for our casual meals after work, or our special meals that have become traditions, they made it happen. We couldn’t have Thanksgiving with out farmers!