Winter farmers markets

We are lucky where we live to have farmers markets all year round. But with my schedule the Tuesday market at 5:30 might not have enough “stuff” for me. So Saturday I went out to the Salem market. This is a different feel, more crafts and more premade foods. You remember the chicken pot pie post, it is more of that type of stuff and less produce.

We went out and got two GIANT heads of cabbage for 4 bucks and two fresh made, right in front of you donuts…also 4 bucks. The donuts were awesome. Huge, warm, better than anything you could get even with the Hot light on. So we will be back, if only for the donuts.

Side note, I ate my donut in about 3.7 seconds. Madigan still had half of hers by time we got home. She told me she was done and I could have the rest. Which took all of 1.3 seconds. She said “Mom you like donuts a lot more than me.” No truer words have ever been spoken.