It’s not Little House on the Prairie

We are going into town to pick up supplies. We are gonna make a day of it. So hitch the horses up to the wagon and let’s get to getting.

We drive to school and our jobs Monday thru Friday and we are near all kinds of stores. It is right around the corner from restaurants and a mall, book and grocery stores. The problem is we are really only there for the job and school. I drop Madigan off before the bell, then get to work by 8:15. Sure I could run errands after work, but I would rather get home to my family.

So today we are planning a shopping day with multiple stops, which Madigan will hate, but we have to do it. We need to hit the COOP, the health-food store, the farmer’s market, a couple of craft stores, a home improvement store or two, maybe lunch while we are out, over to visit friends or family, grocery store and then home.

We could do it over the course of 3 days, a little trip here or there, when we were in the apartment, but now, all day, all done. If you don’t hear from us, send out the cavalry.