Never a dull moment

Life is never dull. 30 days ago we signed paperwork on the house, we have gotten moved in, discovered some projects that need be on the to do list and have gotten settled in. Oh and if that’s not enough, the place where I work has filed for bankruptcy (but it’s to protect the business and our jobs) and my meniere’s is showing symptoms.


January 1 2010 I woke up not being able to hear out of my left ear. It sounded like a bathroom fan or the rumble of a train in my ear. There is also the aural fullness which makes you aware of your inner ear. It’s not painful, just distracting/irritating. I would spend the day trying to make my ears pop. With a round of steroids and taking water pills, adopting a low sodium diet did the trick the first time.

So with the changes and adjustments this last month we have been taking shortcuts for dinner, I have been eating more bread (200 mg sodium per slice on average) and eating out more often. So it’s not a shock that the stress and sodium have put me at the beginning of a menieres episode.

This time I am less angry about it, 1/2010 I was pissed. I hope I apologized to everyone who I snapped at when they were trying to let me know that even if I lost my hearing everything would be okay. I mean my job always includes headphones (whether it is radio or a call center) so the ability to hear is important to my income. Since I hadn’t known what I know today which is episodes will come and go, symptoms will fade and you will go back to hearing like normal again. (there is a chance that some loss will be permanent but I am trying not to focus on that)

If you see me this next week or two, and I am tilting my head like the RCA dog, it’s to prevent the vertigo. If I ask you to repeat something you said it’s cause of the buzzing/hum in my ear, and if I am a little grupmy this menieres is a pain in the ear.