Taking stock

Had to see what we have in the freezer. It’s this time of year we have to decide on how may chickens we need, how much meat we would like and if we want to buy into our CSA. This year with the purchase of our home, we are opting out of the vegetable CSA and trying to grow our own. We took 10% of what we spend on the CSA and bought seeds, hoping we would get at least the same amount of food from our own back yard. Only time will tell.

We did decide to get half a hog, as I mentioned the other day, instead of a meat CSA. I put in my cut requests. The hogs go to the processor on Tuesday and we need to make sure we have enough room to store what we get. I think we will, I hope we will. If not, we will have to run out and get a new freezer. We did it before and we will do it again if we have to. So I took stock of what we have.

15 lbs of Italian sausage (we bought 25 lbs orginally, and we still have over half)
5 whole chickens
1 whole cut up chicken
10 packs of thighs and legs
8 chicken breasts
4 lbs of ground beef
1 lb of ground pork
1 tenderloin (less than a pound)
1 loin roast (2 lbs at least)
2 jars of lard
A bag of backs and wing tips for stock
1 pint of butter

That’s a lot of food. First chicken days are in May and June. So we can assume my chicken stocks will be down. 13 weeks before we will have a new stock of chicken in the freezer. Which means 26 to 40 meals with chicken before now and then.

For the record we are frugal with the meat in the house. Before buying store bought stuff, we would eat a whole chicken in one sitting, we now get 2 or 3 meals out of one, depending on what else we have to eat. If we have a huge assortment of sides and other options we go easy on the protein but if we are stuck with corn and beans we will have more. So that chicken total might be closer to zero by time chicken day rolls around. With ordering in advance, knowing what we need, getting only the amount we will use but time chicken day rolls around, helps us budget and the farmer’s plan. They aren’t raising more than they need and being left with their freezers full. If they don’t sell everything at the market, they can’t do a managers special/closeout price.

The only problem with that list, it adds to the anxiety about needing a generator. I think I would be able to live with out a hot shower, no a/c and limited entertainment while the power was out but would hate to lose that investment of food.