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We are the proud owners of a couple dozen pallets. We are gonna start breaking them down, sorting the wood, seeing where and what we can use. We think we can make a couple moveable coops and a standard coop.

Snow day

It started around 10:30


An hour later


Couple more hours


And it stopped


We might get a few more inches tomorrow before 10am. We had power flicker twice. Made us think that generator needs to be higher up on that wish list.


This year I wish we were getting chicks, but we are still deciding on our best option. A this year like every other year, I will knit an egg. On this Sunday before Easter. If I am inspired I might knit a few egg-tra.


Chicken update

So after lots of discussion and hand wringing, we cancelled our chicken order. The hurdles were no agreement on a coop and a weekend away in May. The timing just wasn’t right. We might revisit the chicken plan this year. I just can’t see leaving a few day of baby chicks unsupervised…and no one likes my idea or taking them with us.

Oh we’ll, like other things chickens will have to wait.

what does half a hog look like?


It took a regular cooler, large market 31 thermal, and 4 lunch boxes.


We had cleared out the chest freezer down stairs to make sure we could get it all to fit.


That’s all of it, a ham, a handful of roasts, couple dozen chops, ground pork, chorizo, breakfast sausage and fat.


This is the 70 to 80 lbs in the freezer, with still enough room to put a few chickens and Italian sausage back. We have enough pork to last us till the fall or longer.


Pi day

At school the math/science teacher did a food day. Something for breakfast that is round. Madigan volunteered me for quiche.


It wasn’t a hit but looked cool.

Friends with Chickens

My friend Lisa let me come over and visit her coop. We are trying to figure out what we want here.


The coop is made by the Leonard shed company. It was nice, and had all the features you want in the house. And the run have the girls lots of space.


The are happy and curious and friendly. One bird has a thing for shiney objects and was very interested in my wedding ring.


It is great to have a friend who shares an interest in backyard homesteading stuff. I am jealous of the rain barrels, and her flock is up and laying, but we will get there.


Usually when we post about chickens it is about the ones we eat. This chicken post is about our layers. We ordered 6 chicks today. We stopped into one of the feed stores to look at chicks. Too cute for words. After all agreeing before we walked in that we wouldn’t buy anything living, we were all swept up in the chick cuteness. Oh and they were on sale…Sunday only.

When we were on the verge of buying random brown chicks and adorable duck, we started asking questions about the chickens. We decided they were the cutest chicks ever and yet not for us. Two people who raise and care for chickens year in, year out have recommended Rhode Island Reds, so that was our first choice. And the second is the Barred Rock.

We will get them first week of May. Yes we have a weekend away and hope to come up with a solution for the two nights away.

Thankful for unopened Christmas presents

Since we are picking up our half hog today, uncertain about the actually space needed in the freezers, I needed to clear out what we can. I had saved backs, necks and bones from chickens, two bags full. I put them in the crock pot with water, celery and a few onions for stock.

About 4 this morning there was lots of popping and fizzing in the kitchen. Seems like something is messed up with my crock pot. All was not lost, my mother in law gave me a new back up crockpot for Christmas. I transferred the content of the crock and went back to bed thankful for my mother in law.

She has perfect timing!