Usually when we post about chickens it is about the ones we eat. This chicken post is about our layers. We ordered 6 chicks today. We stopped into one of the feed stores to look at chicks. Too cute for words. After all agreeing before we walked in that we wouldn’t buy anything living, we were all swept up in the chick cuteness. Oh and they were on sale…Sunday only.

When we were on the verge of buying random brown chicks and adorable duck, we started asking questions about the chickens. We decided they were the cutest chicks ever and yet not for us. Two people who raise and care for chickens year in, year out have recommended Rhode Island Reds, so that was our first choice. And the second is the Barred Rock.

We will get them first week of May. Yes we have a weekend away and hope to come up with a solution for the two nights away.