No Till Garden

Like many other things, we got an idea from a documentary. I was reading posts on Facebook from Grow Food Not Lawns and someone mentioned Paul Gautschi and his unconventional way of gardening. It is a documentary called Back To Eden. It is steeped in passages from the bible and Paul is a very religious man. The way he gardens makes sense, is smart and we thought it would be a great option for us. So this is our our Eden Project garden.

With newspaper being the base for covering the grass to kill it. Layer with topsoil and compost, then cover with chips. I really want this to work. But with conventional thought of tiling and turning the soil, this seems too easy. Well, not easy just easier than all the work of traditional gardening.

So we got a local mulch company do deliver 6 yards of topsoil/compost mix.




It looks like a lot and yet not enough at the same time.



I swear we weren’t drinking when we were laying out the paper.





Knowing full well someone will ask how big this is, and us not being a good judge of that sort of thing, Boomer “jumped” into action by laying down to we could get a guess-timate.


Again still totally sober.

The documentary is worth watching and it is free on the internet.