Monthly Archives: May 2013

A wedding in Florida…

24 hours of driving for 6 hours with family.

Not the groom but my very handsome nephew Justin.

From left to right, my mom, my sister, the groom (the other handsome nephew), his lovely bride, and pops (the grooms grandfather on his dad’s side of the family). How could I not show up for this wedding?!?

A hug for the groom from his cousin.

And a little dancing!


We are a close family emotionally, but we don’t get to see each other enough. I cried a few times, mostly cause I love those boys so much. And I miss seeing my sister and mom. I even got to see Aunt Shirley, which is always a treat. I love where we live, but wish I got to see my family more often. (Read this as open invitation)

Road trip

This is how most trips look for us



Thankful for a child who doesn’t get car sick…just sleepy.

This is how we left things

Our new life of starting from seeds and having baby chicks came after the wedding announcement. We had to leave the homestead for the night. Here is how I left things.






The chicks, well the two that are different than the others, had to be prevented from flying the coop. If one gets out when we are home, no biggie, back in the bin. But without us there, it would be a matter of forging for itself and I think my tomato plans are too high up no matter hen or rooster.

Wish me luck that the plants and all 6 chicks make it.

Our small greens bed

Remember when we put the raised bed in the front and planted lettuces, spinach, kale and chard….well look what has developedIMG_3203



Yes the dirt is not “pretty and perfect” it is growing the greens!



We got some tree work done, they left the chips and then some. Now…how to get them back to the garden.