Chicken update

I am the one who lets the chickens out, normally it’s by 7 every morning, but it is Sunday, it’s a little rainy and I didn’t get out there till after 8:30. As I was walking out I heard a weird noise from the coop. Not a cock-a-doodle-doo, but something different than the normal chicken noises. I was worried cause part of the netting had been knocked down, maybe it was something trying to get at the chickens, or maybe just a branch blew down.


When I opened the pop door all 6 chickens came out, thankfully. Later when it is a little less wet I will go out and make sure everything is good inside the coop. We did some work on the coop yesterday. Got to tell you, working on an unused coop is much more enjoyable than working on a used one. We are using an edger tool to scrape the droppings off the exposed 2x4s. It’s not terrible. Since it has no floor most goes right into the ground.

We aren’t sure what we will do with the rooster or two that we have. I like how they are the first two out out of the coop in the morning and the last two in at the end of the day. They have stand offs every now and again, puffing up their neck feathers and running at each other, staring contests trying to determine who is the dominate one. Like this hen, but this one is just doing it for the camera.


They are fun to watch, when they eat, every minute or so one will do this scratch thing, then the others will do it. I guess it’s like yawning for chickens it’s contagious.