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8 weeks old

The chickens have been outside, in the coop and the yard for about a week. They are funny and know things that keep them safe. I looked out the window the other day and didn’t see them in the yard…then I looked up and saw a hawk flying around. They run inside when they hear a squirrel making that noise that squirrels make. When Boomer mowed the grass the huddled up in the coop.


They are getting further and further from the coop (you can’t see that from this picture) but that are getting around in the netting, eating grass, clover bugs and anything else they can find. When it starts getting dark, the get themselves into the coop.



It takes a few minutes but they all get a spot eventually as high up as they can manage.


It only took 2 years but I finally have squash

When I planted squash in a container at the apartment, I would have lots of flowers and yet, no squash. I would not give up my dirt from the container garden on the patio at the apartment. The night we loaded the van with the dirt and concrete blocks I used to get the plants at ground level weighed the van down I was worried it wouldn’t make it up a hill. I thankful we kept it. I am more thankful that we bought good quality seeds. Seeds that still have what it takes to grow year after year.



We also have tomato flowers.


Tree trimming

The storm last week pointed out the obvious, one of the trees in our front yard is not very healthy. There were a couple branches that broke off ion this storm, and other previous breaks. Splits in the crotch and other issues means either by choice or another storm this tree will continue to deteriorate.

My father-in-law and brother-in-law came over to help get the branches off the tree that were hanging on. They arrived with saws, ropes and other tree trimming tools.



The decided CHAINSAW.

After a few big thuds the branches were down. We dragged them back to the brush pile. In the winter we plan to rent a chipper and chip it all up, but now, we just add to it.


Tree looking a little thin on top.

Boomer’s grandmother came over as well. It was nice to have her see the place. Zach stayed for dinner. I pulled the kale and chard out of the raised bed, make some greens, along with fried chicken and mashed potatoes.


After a huge amount of rain on Thursday, I opted not to water yesterday (that and I went out to hang out with my best friend after work). So bright and early this morning I was out watering. We have some flowers developing on the cucumbers.



Oh and if you go out in the morning, wear water proof shoes. Or you will have wet sock 50 feet from the house.

Wind damage

We had that massive storm system blow through our area. We had lots of branches and sticks in the yard. But this is the worst of it. Not sure what to do now. Leave it? Cut it? With what shall we cut it with Dear Liza, Dear Liza?




We are lucky, some folks had trees uprooted and placed not so gently on their houses.

And they are out

We had a nice day yesterday and it was time to let the chickens out. You would think they would RUSH the door and trample each other to get out, but they really had to be coaxed out.



After seeing what the birds did to the ground after 2 days

And one day

With free ranging in poultry netting should prevent that much damage.



With all the space they have access to after 5 weeks in the cramped quarters, you would think they would want to spread out, but they are still staying close together.

All is not lost in the bean department

I posted a few days about about the animals getting to by beans right after they sprouted. After some good rain and a few sunny days, some of the beans came up. Now I don’t know if the critters got at the parts of the seeds that know to grow more beans, or if these were the untouched beans, either way I am happy. Our gardens look messy with the wood and the weeds. But if we have legitimate plants, beans, squash, tomatoes I don’t think it looks bad.




looking back

Sometimes I look back at the blog to see how big Madigan has gotten, remind myself when tomatoes started turning red or when my FAVORITE ITEM EVER shows up at the farmers market.

Read last years post and the original post when I discovered the gift of spring that is garlic scapes.

Garden update

We had an incident with the beans, they sprouted and it appears a squirrel or rabbit got hungry and feasted on the beans. Who know what will or won’t grow, I am leaving it and next time will germinate the beans in the sunroom and then transplant.

But look at the squash





The larger cucumbers plants were bought at the farmers market, I put 8 pickling cucumber plants in. I spent 2 dollars on the plants. If I get even 1 jar of pickles it will have paid off. I put in seeds and they have sprouted.

This will be a busy summer of learning, and if we are lucky, canning.