This is the last weekend for the chickens in the brooder

They are ready to get out of the brooder and I am ready to have them (and the smell) out of the sunroom. I am glad we didn’t put the brooder in the house. They are messy.


I grab up some greens or weeds or grass a few times a day and give it them. They are like a mob, if one eats they all eat. If one freaks out they all freak out.

They are almost 6 weeks old, if we were Purdue we would be about ready to process them and get them into the store. These girls (and maybe 1 guy) will be safe for a couple years.

Our plan is to get them out into the coop this weekend. It’s been raining hard for the last few days and we want to get them out there when it is halfway nice. They have had it pretty easy. This last week we haven’t turned on the warming light. Can’t wait to see them out in the yard being chickens, scratching and pecking, eating bugs and taking dust baths.