Elvis and Buddy

So what I think are our two roosters (sounds like the name of a hit TV show on the Discovery Channel) I have started calling Elvis and Buddy. First Elvis…



See his lovely slicked back feathers.

Now Buddy…



He has a more noticeable collar of darker feathers. I also call him Buddy cause he is the first one over to me when I walk out to the pen and happily eats out of my hand. Now Buddy is also the enforcer of the pecking order. He has run off a hen who dared to eat before he had. I have to keep reminding myself, that they are chickens and not people, stop anthropomorphizing them.



They are together a lot, they fight every now and again. I would hate to have to get rid of either of them…especially Buddy, since that is my brothers nickname. We will know when they start to crow.