Monthly Archives: July 2013

First harvest

Harvest is a bit granidouse, but look what we got out of the garden today.


One zucchini, two squash and two cherry tomatoes. The heat this week might mean we will be eating squash everyday. And how great would it be to have cherry tomatoes in a salad this weekend!



These seemed to pop up overnight, but really with all the rain I hadn’t been out to the garden poking around.


House Party

We had friends and family over for an open house. 30 people came thru the house, fed the chickens and enjoyed refreshments. Funny thing is we have no pictures. Trust me when I say the food was wonderful and conversation was great. If you happen to have any pictures, send them my way.

My friend Kim hanging out with the chickens.
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What’s that sound?

the chicken that shall now be refered to as Elvis mad a noise today that sounded more DUCK quack like than chicken squak. Still leading me to suspect that he is in fact a rooster. I need to get a good picture of Elvis’ head/neck feathers, It really looks like he use grecian fomula.

What do you think

I think we have a couple roosters…




When I talk to my mom about our flock I explain that one of the girls hangs out all by her self.


The more we hang out with them the more we see personalities, traits and actions.

I am not sunburned or embarassed


It’s my rosacea. I am one of 4 sun loving kids, one in Florida, one in Hawaii and one in Las Vegas. I am the only who has spent any time with seasons, snow and regular temps below 50. The furthest north I have lived is Washington state, 100 miles from the Canadian border. I would rather be cold than hot. Vacations to the beach or in the summer means tons of useless pictures, people asking if I am okay and trying to prevent my face from turning beet red. It also prevents pictures of me working in the garden or doing much of anything when it is over 85. When I tell Boomer I have to take a break when we are working out in the yard he never argues cause I always look like I might be having a heart attack.