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Thankful for these boots


Every morning I take the walk out to the chicken pen to let the chickens out. Sometimes I have to fill the water bucket sometimes I put in more bedding in the nesting boxes. The grass is always wet with dew. Before these boots I would have wet shoes, socks and feet.

Thanks again mom for getting me these boots, Buddy seems to have a grudge against peacocks. He likes to get a little pecky with the boots. I can handle it.

Hey kid don’t grow food just buy it at the grocery store

Don’t listen to the talking lion kids.

The king of the jungle wants you to buy all of your vegetables from the grocery story instead of growing your own. Somehow the lion thinks veggies are fresher when they’re shipped thousands of miles than when they’re picked from the garden in your backyard.

Maybe I should start pronouncing the animal “lyin'”.

He is correct that it’s faster to just go buy it and that’s exactly what the grocery store wants you to do.

But he’s wrong about its freshness and he’s not telling you that the stuff you grow has more nutritional value because veggies start losing nutrients the second they’re picked and since the stuff at the store has traveled farther, it’s lost more. He also didn’t mention that because the food you grow hasn’t traveled so far, it’s greatly reduced your carbon footprint, making it better for the environment. I’m guessing because it’s only 30 seconds long, that he also failed to mention that plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. So when you grow them, you’re putting good stuff in the air compared to those polluting trucks hauling grocery store food all over the country. I’m NOT surprised he didn’t tell you that it’s cheaper to grow your own food.

Now I realize that he was created by an advertising agency to sell more groceries, but it still bothers me. I hope that you will encourage those in your life to grow more of their own food.

It’s been a few days

but I finally got some veggies out of the garden


We are going to a family reunion tomorrow, I am going to take creamed cucumbers and tomatoes.


With all the bad deer news and wet weather makes for a very complainy blog. The post today focuses on the flowers.

Behind the garage the previous owners had a couple rose bushes. We got two small yellow roses for free. That’s a WIN!



This will bloom into a cosmo.

Dear Deer…GET OUT

It is a daily ritual when I let out the chickens out, I check the garden. For days, weeks even, I would walk up to the house with a shirt full of food. That all stopped when the deer found the garden.


After topping tomatoes and eating the future flowers, they finally discovered the cucumbers.

Between the deer and the rain, this has been a tough year. With it being our first year, it makes me really think about what I need to do better next year. More flowers and plants that are a natural deterrent to pests like deer. Maybe put more gardens in upfront, since it would be closer to the house. And if all else fails, a gun and a permit.

Yarn and hair

We can’t put up a fence now. 8 feet of deer fence would be something we add next year. I don’t know how much we will merge the two gardens add another. So with the rainy week we will be having I am gonna try a few things. Today, yarn and hair to deter the deer.




Cayenne pepper, dial soap, urine (human or other wise) castor oil, egg white and garlic, moth balls will also be choices. I just want to do any of the natural options before we go out and buy chemicals.

Compost bin from pallets

We finally got a compost bin. We used some of the wood pallets we got earlier this year.



We used zip ties and screws to put three sides together.

We are just gonna drop the front pallet down and mix the compost and then put it back into position and bungee it closed. It will work for now!

More on the topless tomatoes

The danggone deer are are getting into the other garden, the one with the tomatoes that are turning red.




I found two tomatoes that had bites out of them…that’s it just bites, they didn’t eat them, just put their teeth in and moved on…jerks.



We are going to retreat the yard with hair, soap, cayenne pepper and castor oil. If that doesn’t work off to the game warden and getting a kill permit.