First corn from the garden

We tried the corn on the weekend and it wasn’t ready but thought we would try again.


I know GMO corn never has a worm at the top…our corn, ALWAYS has a worm. It’s totally normal. I just feed it to the chickens and then cut the top off before I wash and cook it. Here’s what the worm looks like.


Once in the house, I cleaned it up and you can see one of the ears in almost perfect, and one not so much.



As for the big question, how do you know when sweet corn is ready, lots of info online about sticking your finger nail in a kernel to see if it is milky white…why yes it is.


All we really need is one “pretty” looking ear of corn for Madigan, we can just cut the corn off the cob and not have to worry about picking corn out of our teeth for the next 3 hours.