Monthly Archives: August 2013

First corn from the garden

We tried the corn on the weekend and it wasn’t ready but thought we would try again.


I know GMO corn never has a worm at the top…our corn, ALWAYS has a worm. It’s totally normal. I just feed it to the chickens and then cut the top off before I wash and cook it. Here’s what the worm looks like.


Once in the house, I cleaned it up and you can see one of the ears in almost perfect, and one not so much.



As for the big question, how do you know when sweet corn is ready, lots of info online about sticking your finger nail in a kernel to see if it is milky white…why yes it is.


All we really need is one “pretty” looking ear of corn for Madigan, we can just cut the corn off the cob and not have to worry about picking corn out of our teeth for the next 3 hours.

topless tomatoes

When I went out to let out the chickens this morning, I do my normal walk around the gardens, to find this.





Not too sure what I am going to do. I didn’t see this in the other garden. I suspect a deer. Have been trying to combat the deer with humane non-chemical options. If they take all of our tomato plants out I don’t know if I will keep that attitude.

10 cucumbers and some freetime

I had about 10 pickling cucumbers from the garden and decided to make some fridge pickles.


I had to dig around and find all my canning stuff, which I haven’t used since moving. I am going to get organized and get all my stuff in one place when I need it. August and September are the months I do all the canning.


Six lovely pints of dill pickles. We will finish them up in no time, but I love the really crisp fridge pickle.

And Madigan didn’t want Mewtwo* to be left out of the fun.


*For those that don’t know Mewtwo is a Pokemon and Madigan wanted to make sure you knew that.

Spill proof chicken feeder

Every day when I would fill the cheap plastic feeder, the birds would dump the food out in seconds. It is Part of what they do, the scratching. But I got tired of the most of the food going in the grass, so I really couldn’t tell if they needed more food or it just got dumped. So Boomer made one like the feeders out at Bramble Hollow.



It is much more stable, would take a lot more to knock it over. We can see if they are actually in need of food and here is less waste.

another day another shirt full of food


A two more cucumbers for pickles, two slicing cucumbers, more squash and three little peppers. I love that we have food available in our back yard. We only planted stuff we eat. Making more creamed cucumbers with the slicers and the cherry tomatoes. Other than some cucumbers that froze, we haven’t thrown any of the food out.

Corn—not quite ready

I took two ears off the corn today, to see if they were ready. Almost.




I have these to the chickens, they ate every single kernel off the cob.


I planted too many too close. I am sure there are cucs in there that I don’t see, but we live and learn. We still have a bunch of flowers, lots of bees and bugs flying around and I am trying to keep the vines in their own area.



I get about two cucumbers a day, sometimes three. I am going to make a small batch of fridge pickles on the weekend. I don’t want to save and store enough to do a full batch. I look at the calendar and realize I do most of my canning in August and September. I might still buy pickling cucumbers at the market to do a big batch, you know when I have free time. HA

Peppers and Beans

I am thinking these are the banana peppers we bought from the farmer’s market. I was hoping for the revived jalapeno but I will take what ever I get.


These will probably be the purple bell peppers. I like the purple color on the plant.

So many beans, and we are still getting flowers.