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guess what the hens were doing out of the pen


We found this “nest” with 7 eggs in it. It was just outside the poultry netting, in the garden that had squash in it. Don’t know how long they have been there, but we aren’t taking any chances. We covered the nest with sticks and hopefully that will encourage the hens not to lay eggs outside of the nest boxes.

halloween costume

Her costume this year is a pokemon trainer, but this is the pokemon I made for her.


It’s a surskit.

I will post a picture of the completed outfit when she has it.

Buddy is gone

I keep looking outside hoping to see Buddy wander back in from where ever he went. Yesterday morning I opened the door to coop, and quickly got back inside where there was heat and coffee. I did some knitting, and got my plan for the day set. Boomer had to work ANOTHER Saturday shift, I had a very chilly farmers market to attend.

When I got back around 10:30 I made the chickens a treat of stale bread, cracked corn, some bacon fat, lettuce that had seen better days and other random fridge stuff that wasn’t fresh enough for us but fine for them. As I was walking out I start counting birds, 1,2,3,4,5…maybe one is in the nest box. I checked, 1,2,3,4,5. Then I try to see who is missing. Floppy comb, dark brown hen, flighty light brown hen, the two barred rocks from Bramble Hollow.

I relized I hadn’t heard the rooster crow. Buddy is very vocal. That bird would cock-a-doodle-doo all day. If I went to the car you would hear him, walk to the garden, go check the mail. But there is nothing. I thought maybe he wandered off, got himself futher from the coop then he is comfortable with. But still he is LOUD. Surely we would hear him. I walked around, I didn’t see any sign of him.

The neighbor had been outside working on his deck and I asked if he remembers hearing him or seeing him. He said he thought her remembers hearing him, but then again, we have been hearing that rooster crow for months, you kind of just get used to it.

So now we are 5 hens and no rooster. And Buddy being gone rates in between the first hen getting killed and us processing Elvis. We took care of Elvis, we know he didn’t suffer, it was quick and the it was over. With the first bird we lost, we know she suffered, along with two birds who got injured. With Buddy, we don’t know. And that is why I keep looking out the window hoping to see him.’

If something did get him we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to any other bird. No one can say for sure if Buddy was in the coop Friday night. He had been getting out of the poultry netting. But he would always hang around just outside the pen. I am of the opinion that Buddy was in the coop, had he gotten out of the pen, when I got home from work around 6:45, I would have seen him running around. If he didn’t get back in the coop that night, it could have been anything from an owl to the abandoned cat across the street.

Let’s say he was in the coop Saturday morning, what happened between 6:30 and 10:45? Did he get out? Did something swoop down and get him? He was a pretty big bird, at least the size of Elvis, maybe even bigger. Can a hawk pick up 6 or 7 pound bird? Then I start thinking very negatively and think maybe someone when out there and killed him because he was so loud. The thing is, we will never know.

this could be the last of it

Peppers and egg


This could be it. The temps are getting down to freezing, halloween is next week. The gardens might really, I am not kidding this time, be done for the year. I didn’t do any winter crops. I might buy some garlic at the market this weekend and toss that into the ground for spring, but who knows.

On the wrong side of the fence


I got a call from the neighbor letting me know one or two of the birds got out. So this week it’s been a daily thing, when you get home, gotta get the birds back in the pen. This weekend we will clip wings. Buddy is out every day. He isn’t as weird outside the netting as he is inside. In fact, when you go out to help them get back to where they belong, he runs/skips/half flies to you like a pet. Then you gotta noodle around for 10 minutes till he decides if he is going under, over or through. I have been successful with under (lifting up a pole for him to walk under). Boomer had gotten him to fly over. And sometimes we have to turn the fence off, drop to poles so the fence is laying on the ground and he just strolls on in. With all the trouble, he is still a good looking rooster.


Weekend of projects

Halloween costume and knitted hats need to be completed by Sunday night.




Add numerous outside projects, two parties, light canning, cooking. That is a full weekend.

This is me


I don’t know about you but there are a million pictures of me where I look terrible, frumpy, mad (I do suffer from RBF), old, tired but Madigan took this picture of me, when I was tired and hair not washed, just working on her halloween costume. It’s one of only a few pictures where I think, yes that is how I look and I like how I look. Maybe it’s the photographer, it’s hard to look grump and mad when your awesome kiddo is taking your picture. Or maybe it is that I am happiest sitting in the living room with my small family, doing crafts.

Now to see if the DMV will let me change the picture on my license.


We keep getting a decent amount of peppers, yesterday I walked back to the house with this haul of peppers and an egg.


*egg not pictured





I still love these little flowers. I like how they fill the frame, I like how one petal seems to be know so they don’t get arrogant about their beauty.