On the wrong side of the fence


I got a call from the neighbor letting me know one or two of the birds got out. So this week it’s been a daily thing, when you get home, gotta get the birds back in the pen. This weekend we will clip wings. Buddy is out every day. He isn’t as weird outside the netting as he is inside. In fact, when you go out to help them get back to where they belong, he runs/skips/half flies to you like a pet. Then you gotta noodle around for 10 minutes till he decides if he is going under, over or through. I have been successful with under (lifting up a pole for him to walk under). Boomer had gotten him to fly over. And sometimes we have to turn the fence off, drop to poles so the fence is laying on the ground and he just strolls on in. With all the trouble, he is still a good looking rooster.