Last trip to the farm for the year

Oh what we wouldn’t do for more freezer space. We got an email from Bramble Hollow about buying half a hog. Our little apartment chest freezer has been able to accommodate most of what we have bought and has served us well. We just can’t do half a hog in the fall, we have all our chickens in there. So after a day or two of trying to see if we could make it work, we had to pass. Anna then said we could buy in bulk what ever she had left. NICE. We sent her our list and out to the farm we went.

I know I say this every time but I love going out there. It’s always fun to see what’s changed, cause something has always changed. In addition to the kids, the cows, the chickens and the pigs, they got a new puppy. See always something different.

We took apple out for the pigs. While the kids were feeding them apples I was struck by how Madigan has grown. She and Jack never seemed too far apart in age, Jack may be more mature, Madigan on the youngish side, but this time it hit me like a ton of bricks.




Just as a point of reference, this is Jack and Madigan last year.

I hope they can still be be friends, hang out, play on those visits out to the farm. And could someone do something about these kids growing up?!?!