When it comes to healthy living, buying local and growing your own food, December is not the month for any of that. Every picture I take seems to be about cookies and fudge, a lot of my purchases are from Amazon and other than eggs, nothing is growing other than my waist line.

So here’s our Christmas tree–it is very much who and how we are, a hodge podge of insanity, but it works for us.

We have gotten a “special” ornament every year to remember what she was interested in, we have a Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls, Lightening McQueen, Dora and My Little Pony. This year, it’s Voyager.

Here are the cookies I mention. I ate a dozen over the course of baking them.

And even Madigan’s Surskit has got in the holiday spirit.

After the new year I hope to be back, posting ideas for the garden, maybe a little weight loss and chicken pictures.

Happy December!