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without internet

Our modem died on wednesday, and have to wait for the company to send a replacement. So don’t expect cute pictures of chickens in the snow anytime soon.

2014 a year of health

so at the beginning of the year I kinda got sucked into the whole new years resolution to loose weight. If you don’t know Boomer and I other than thru this website here is a fun fact, we were both skinny people. I hopped on the huge biggest loser scale at work and was shockingly close to 170. (For anyone who says that’s not heavy, it is for me.) I was right around 100 lbs when I was in my late 20s at my lowest both weight and emotionallly. I was 132 when I got pregnant. I was 156 when I gave birth. I was 146 when I moved here in 2010. So in 4 years I have gained 30ish pounds and that has to stop.

I can’t start eating better or stop getting crazy amounts of treats until after our anniversary, so the Monday after the 3rd I started keeping track. I was gonna do Weight Watchers with a friend at work but I didn’t want to part with 20 to 50 bucks a month to do something that I feel isn’t a team sport with strangers. My pal from work and I decided just to watch our calories. I set myself up for 1200 a day. No alcohol, no unlimited treats, no payday Friday pigout, no more just eating out of the vending machine and the two closest restaurants Wendy’s and McDonalds.

In the mean time my husband went to the Dr and was told he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, inherited I am sure but made worse by lifestyle. That meant he was now on the good eating band wagon. One week on meds and the pressures are down, we are working on the cholesterol. We are both back in 3 months. We have chronicly low vitamin D.

So far this year he’s lost 5.5 lbs and I lost 6 (but I started before he did). I feel like I have dropped the 6 I gained last year. But at least we aren’t going in the wrong direction.

Here’s to a healthier 2014

Homemade peanut butter

We got a NINJA MEGA KITCHEN system for christmas for a few good reasons, smoothies, I needed a new food processor and HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER!

I got dry roasted peanuts from the coop, I opted not to get the salted to make it healthier.

Put in the Ninja

Mixed it up with a little honey and a pinch of salt

Hello Healthy snack!

a year in the house

It was a year ago when we started sleeping in the house. After dragging all of our crap over here, painting the bedrooms and cleaning bathrooms. I know moving in winter isn’t ideal, thankfully we didn’t have a lot of snow. I questioned our decision to move in the middle of the school year, having to payoff the school system to let her stay in her school till June. The reason was timing.

Had we waited till summer we wouldn’t have been able to get a garden plot started and get cucumbers, squash and peppers. We surely wouldn’t have had time to get chickens hardy enough to handle what has turned into our extremely cold winter and still get a dozen and a half eggs a week. And had we waited we wouldn’t have seen our home thru the seasons, watching the grass come back after the brown of winter, the leaves filling out the trees and the color changes and eventual nightmare that is fall in our yard. Imagine not getting all the things we wanted, the garden and the chickens and only getting the leaves, that would have been a bit of a rip off. Also seeing how low our electric bill can be in the summer so when we get the sticker shock of the winter bill we would know it’s not always going to be that high.

Happy Anniversary to us living in this house.

Looking so grown up


She is playing a part in a video for one of her classmates in English. They are doing movie trailer reviews of books they have read. Her friend read one of the Secret books and needed a Mrs Mauvais so Madigan volunteered and needed a fancy outfit.

She is growing up!

buffalo chickpeas

Another healthy recipe, with a little crunch and kick IMG_4931

You can find the recipe on line, use any of them, it’s really hard to mess up. We all love them, and if you over cook them they just get crispier!


As were were walking out to move the fence, I got startled because I almost stepped on this.



When we walked away the rabbit ran away.

I wonder if I can make a good meal out of rabbit?

The chickens survived the polar votex

We had some low temps this last week, in fact, we got below zero a morning or two. The hens survived. Two of the RIR did get a little frost bite on their combs. But they don’t seemed bothered by it and the combs don’t terrible just white-ish on the ends. The BR have tiny combs so they weren’t affected. This is something to keep in mind when getting chicks in the future. Not that we get a polar vortex every winter, but still something to consider when picking a breed.

The girls got moved on to the space where the garden used to be, they were happy and seemed very excited about new yard to scratch and peck in.



DEER: Payback time

Remember back in the summer when the deer topped all my tomatoes? I don’t know if I posted that I had a coworker come over during our short hunting season. With as many deer as we have in the back yard, I sometimes think I need a gun and a hunting license. The problem is I don’t know if I like deer meat. Dexter came over and got a deer. He did all the work, and brought some meat for me to try.


He also brought some cooked meat in a gravy that his wife made and it was SOOOO good. Not gluten free, so ALL MINE!

Consider yourself warned deer…I like deer meat, I know where you hang out and I really like my tomatoes.