a year in the house

It was a year ago when we started sleeping in the house. After dragging all of our crap over here, painting the bedrooms and cleaning bathrooms. I know moving in winter isn’t ideal, thankfully we didn’t have a lot of snow. I questioned our decision to move in the middle of the school year, having to payoff the school system to let her stay in her school till June. The reason was timing.

Had we waited till summer we wouldn’t have been able to get a garden plot started and get cucumbers, squash and peppers. We surely wouldn’t have had time to get chickens hardy enough to handle what has turned into our extremely cold winter and still get a dozen and a half eggs a week. And had we waited we wouldn’t have seen our home thru the seasons, watching the grass come back after the brown of winter, the leaves filling out the trees and the color changes and eventual nightmare that is fall in our yard. Imagine not getting all the things we wanted, the garden and the chickens and only getting the leaves, that would have been a bit of a rip off. Also seeing how low our electric bill can be in the summer so when we get the sticker shock of the winter bill we would know it’s not always going to be that high.

Happy Anniversary to us living in this house.