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Today, Saturday 2/22


And we still have a little left, but the hens have some bare ground to dig around in again.

Oh and my minor leak in my rain boots has progressed to a full breech. Next time I need to focus less on the cute boots, need something more rugged.


Valentine’s day

I know I said we were trying to drop a few pounds, but when you are snowed in on Valentine’s day there is only one thing you can do…Make mini donuts! Oh and my mini donuts are made from a cake mix, so any of the health benefits that get get from a regular donut does not apply here.


But they they weren’t fried…in oil.

Final post of the day

So after we cleared the drive before noon, it snowed till about 4:30ish. So out again to clear that driveway. This time was MUCH easier.




While we were out there the sun came out, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to the chickens to get some pictures of the sunset.



it was about this time that I noticed a line to get into the coop.


I closed the door, grabbed the eggs that were left in the nest box (we got a total of 5 eggs on this very snowy day) and took one last picture.

About 30 minutes ago the snow plow went by, so that is the perfect end to a snowy day.

The driveway seemed like a great idea

when we got this house one of the things we loved was the house being set back with a long driveway. Sure it’s great 364 days a year. On the day when you get 12+ inches of snow, worst idea EVER.

This is what we started with

after working for 2 hours, we got this



And just for fun, here is Kensington’s car.

Time to let the chickens out

With about a foot or more of snow, we still had to get out there and get the chickens out. Usually a 5 minute ordeal, the walk, drop the bucket, pour the food, open the door walk back. Today, just the walk felt like 5 min.




The snow was up to the top of our boots. It was a fairly hard walk out there. The hens were making a bunch of noise cause they are used to the door popping open within a minute or two of hearing us in the fence area.






Then it was the digging out the coop and getting them a path to the food.







Once the snow stops we will head back out and throw down some straw. They expect another 1 to 3 inches today. Then 40s maybe 50s by the weekend. Rumor has it 60s next week.

Big snow

We don’t always get snow here, so the storm that could bring 12 inches is a big deal.

This is a shot out towards the chicken coop before 3pm.

This is a little over an hour later when we went out to put the chickens up.

The girls apparently didn’t know what to do when it started snowing. We went out to save them. They were huddled under the food shade shelter.


The 3 RIRs were easy to get and put in the coop. The barred rock had different ideas. Eventually we walked them in. We got 4 eggs, so we have breakfast tomorrow.

This was just after 5pm.

I don’t know what we will wake up to, except more. We will have to shovel and lay down some straw to help them keep their feet off the snow.

Deer…it’s what’s for dinner

We have a huge storm blowing through her tonight, 8 to 12 inches of snow expected. For dinner deer in gravy with mashed potatoes. I am going to take lots of snow pictures so consider yourself warned.

Chickens in the snow

We had some snow that weekend without the internet. So here are the promised Chickens in the snow pictures.

Our chickens have personality, the barred rocks are rough and tumble, tough birds that handled the hazing they received when they moved to our house. We have a very curious RIR, floppy comb, that is up in your business no matter what you are doing.

My cousin Christene warned me that the hens would act weird in the snow. And she was right, the barred rock were out with no issue. One of the RIR followed


This cracked me up, a chicken trying to figure out what was on the ground



everyone was out.

This is the only snow they have had to deal with, I am sure it won’t be the last. It is still funny to see them standing on one foot like they are flamingos, or trying to hop like rabbits over it.

weekend lunch

Sometimes making everything homemade gets old. I mean sinks full of dishes and the time it takes can really cut into my being lazy. I decided I needed to make some broccoli cheddar soup. Instead of opening a can or going to panera I whipped some up.


Gluten free, lighter with mile instead of heavy cream, went light on the cheese, added carrots to help the color, low sodium and extra broccoli. At took over an hour to make and less than 10 mintues to for us to devour the whole pot.