This morning we almost got into a major accident. Almost.

24 is the main road to the daughters school and with all the memorial crosses and flowers peppered on the side of this road, I am aware it can be dangerous. There are no shoulders, speed limit is 55, and for most that is just a suggestion, if there is trouble the only place to go is in a ditch or into a tree. There is a small gas station/ breakfast/convenience store that causes problems. It has a tiny parking lot,the view up the road is terrible, especially when a school bus is parked there. As it was this morning.

So as we were listening to Hall and Oats (seriouly, don’t let the last song I hear living on this earth be a Hall and Oats song) and driving into school, from behind the parked bus, on the small road that comes in at a weird angle, on the side of the store, a woman turns onto 24 in front of us to head the other direction. Remember 2 lane road. I have to swerve out of my lane, into the other lane, to not hit her full speed on her driver side door (one person, not injured). As I am trying to regain control of the car, a truck is coming at us in the other lane, (another person not injured, maybe two I didn’t do a head count) and not slamming on the breaks or ever correcting, we stopped swerving and we were not in a ditch or in a tree. I was so shaken up I has pull over and calm down. (two more uninjured people)

All I could think in the 5-8 seconds when I saw the blonde, mid 50’s woman pull out in front of me was keeping Madigan safe. First and last thought, every thought in between, Madigan has to be safe. I have almost gotten into an accident before, always alone, and it has never shaken me us like this. And even though she might not have see the truck coming at us, or the tree we could have been wrapped around or the ditch that would have eventually stopped us, I saw it all, plus bonus footage in my head. I really can run every scenario from disaster A thru Z and not one would have been good for her. Me hurt, her hurt, car ruined, broken glass, broken bones, without her no family, broken family, it all would have been awful.

As we were stopped on the side of the road, we both unbuckled and I made her hug me. Just to reassure me. She was fine, we were clearly fine, but just the thought of something happening to my perfect little family, on 24 listening to Hall and Oats, terrifies me. If you know me, and know my back story, really terrible horrible things can and have happened on random days that change everything forever. Thankfully today wasn’t that day for my family.