Chickens in the snow

We had some snow that weekend without the internet. So here are the promised Chickens in the snow pictures.

Our chickens have personality, the barred rocks are rough and tumble, tough birds that handled the hazing they received when they moved to our house. We have a very curious RIR, floppy comb, that is up in your business no matter what you are doing.

My cousin Christene warned me that the hens would act weird in the snow. And she was right, the barred rock were out with no issue. One of the RIR followed


This cracked me up, a chicken trying to figure out what was on the ground



everyone was out.

This is the only snow they have had to deal with, I am sure it won’t be the last. It is still funny to see them standing on one foot like they are flamingos, or trying to hop like rabbits over it.