rough day for one of the chicks

Wednesday was my day off from the new job. In the afternoon I noticed some oranage-ish spots around the brood, trying to figure out what it is I noticed one of the chicks getting her tail feathers pecked. When I grabbed her up this is what we found.



We cleaned her up and put her back in the brooder but the hens were still pecking at her.  So she got to spend the night in the big house.


On Thursday I got some Blu Kote to cover the red, which just begs the birds to peck at.  We moved the brooder out of the window, to see if maybe they were just getting cranky cause the light was keeping them up all night.  Added some pedialite to their water, in case it was a lack of sodium, we added a little roost bar to help, and I made suet muffins to help keep them busy.  We are trying to add some “boredom busters” in the brooder, but it better get warm fast.

At 5 weeks old, I can’t imagine how that brooder is going to hold them much longer.  I just looked back at the old posts, and we put the batch last year out in the coop at 6 weeks. This weather needs to work with us or those birds are gonna outgrow the brooder.