I have made the commitment

Certain things are true, and certain things used to be true but you still hold on to that truth, even though it is no longer true.  For the first 30 years of my life I had commitment issues.  Everything I owned could fit into my Toyota tercel.  I moved around like I was running from the law, so laying down roots wasn’t really my thing.


13 years married, a happy healthy 12 year old, finally bought a house, got chickens, I think I am finally ready for the commitment of a life time…ASPARAGUS!


If you don’t know about it, year one…nothing.

Year two, cut and toss out.

Year three, harvest for 7 to 10 day.

Year 4 two week harvest

As you can see it will be a few years before we get asparagus.  When you plant the crowns you literally lay down the roots. Isnt symbolism cool?!?  Since we have time make plans to visit in the spring of 2919, we should have asparagus.