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the gardens

We have the chickens pretty far out, I am hoping that the fence keeps the deer back.


This is the garden on the left, it had peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and squash on the end.

IMG_5318 IMG_5317

These are the potatoes, we have about 20 plants, should be enough potatoes for us.

Good news bad news

Good news, we are having a salad tonight.IMG_5332


Poor chickens have to deal with this today.


He is a friendly dog, when I say no his tail goes down and he sulks off, so I know he is someones dog.  If we are missing a chicken later today, we might go buy a gun tonight.  I don’t want to hate the dog, the owners are really the ones I hate.


Working in the garden has made me contemplate the clothing item that I have never even considered an option over the age of 5…bib overalls.  I have found my self saying “I’m country, but not that county” more and more these days.  What has brought about this new possibility is my back/butt area falling out the back of my pants every time I bend over to pull a weed or plant a seed, I spend more time doing the pull your pants up dance than getting work done.  When I come in the belt loops on the side or muddy and brown, just another sign that overall might not be out of the realm of work clothes.


I really never understood overalls, other than children and women in certain types of magazines geared towards men, does the world really need overalls?  Yes, it seems we do.  The part of me who lived in NY and LA, drank top shelf booze and enjoyed tasting menus, is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Butt (get it…butt) the part of me that hangs out when I am working in the yard says yes please.  I am not even sure what to do next, go to TSC and get bibs or keep fighting it, and holding on to that bit if city still left in me.

Not too for behind

With the winter that lasted forever, is over and now it’s time to plant.  It feels like we are late, or behind.  But looking back at the archives, we had just put the garden in end of April last year.  This weekend, a trip to the farmers market will get the garden started.  I will start squash from seeds, maybe throw down some carrot seeds.  The garden plan this year is to not stress about it, try something new, and weed more.


What to do…keep it or yank it?

We bought the house and got the plants, flowers, trees and bushes that were here.  We are trying to decide if we keep these…um…not sure what they are bushes or yank them out and plant something else, like a blueberry bush.   IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257What type of bush is this, is it beneficial, worth keeping?  Other than a hiding place for bunnies, what else is it good for? Please Email