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But what about the chickens?

Yes, I am very into the garden these days but we still have chickens.  And the little birds are close to the big bird size.  They are warming up to us and this barred rock was halfway interested in what I was doing.  (Not that you would notice but the neck/head area of the barred rock is different than the Rhode Island Reds.)


Some have waddles and the faces are redding up.


And they are getting the fluffy butt



still more peppers


I am loving how well the peppers are doing.  Not that we can live on peppers alone, but we can make so many things with peppers.


Did I mention my mom is coming to visit?  I am so hopeful that we will get food out of the garden while she is here, looks like we might just get to do that.



We have a couple growing zucchini on each plant, and the crook neck squash is starting as well.

Let the harvest begin


The harvest from the back garden starts with just one little pepper this year.  I pulled it this morning cause the plant isn’t all that tall, and the pepper started to touch the ground.  Not sure what I am going to do with this pepper, maybe in a breakfast scramble or in the smallest batch of chili?  I see about 3 zucchini and a couple crook neck squash.  Lots of flowers on the cucumbers.  I am hoping we have stuff coming out the garden when my mom gets here, its always fun to feed visitors out of the garden, even if it’s just a few peppers in an omelet or cucumbers on a salad.

I see color


One of the tomato plants have started turning … I really don’t know how I am going to get the tomato, but it might involve wire cutters.

Squash update


So the flowers are starting to bloom.  Squash can’t be too far behind.

I took this one to point out that not all flowers will become fruit.  See the one on the left doesn’t have a little squash attached?\


Homemade vanilla and chocolate syrup

Once a week I am going to try and make something homemade.  Today it was Hershey’s chocolate syrup.  I had to get the homemade vanilla extract I made in December out of the pantry.

I was going to link to the post about how easy vanit was to make, and how I did it, but remembered that it was going to be a present.  I got excited didn’t read all the directions, and realized I didn’t have enough time to make it for a gift, but here we are, 6 months later and I have vanilla extract.



Had to filter out all the little bean specks.

IMG_5691 IMG_5692For the Hershey’s syrup I just mixed sugar, cocoa, water, salt and vanilla.  It was easy to make, very good and now we have a jar of homemade chocolate sauce with no high fructose corn syrup or polysorbate 60.