Tomato cages

I have 14 tomato plants that needed to be supported,  Last year we tried the Florida weave and that didn’t work out as well as I wanted.  This year I decided cages were the way to go.  Those premade cones were a little out of our price range, with as many as we would need.  I had seen the circle cages stacked up in the winter near gardens and thought that is what we are going with this year.  25 bucks and some manual labor and we have cages.



When I was making these I kept thinking how clever my mom is going to think I am.  She is very supportive and excited when we do stuff like this, she will think I am brilliant.  Then I heard my grandfather saying in my head “You are using the wrong tool.”  After making these for two days, grandpa was right, I have 4 blisters on my right hand.  Other than that, it all worked out.




I am hopeful that the tomatoes will be abundant this year.