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Deviled eggs with dilled veggies



If you have ever seen me at a party and offered me deviled eggs I have always said no.  For years I have had issues with hard boiled eggs.  Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be around me after an egg salad sandwich.  A co worker once told me that fresh eggs don’t create that problem.  Slowly I have been testing the theory.  It’s true.  I have to be motivated and in a very calm  peaceful place to do hard boiled eggs, since they can be difficult to peel.  I have tried baking soda, ice water, vinegar, begging–but found that steaming the eggs make for easier peeling.  These were all the baby eggs, making them bite sized and, with the dilled veggies, very tasty.  (it is similar to the eggs they made at the fancy Heritage Chicken Dinner at local roots)

Making sure we get some watermelon

I pulled flowers and melon starts off the vines today so the ones that are already getting big get more of the energy.  I don’t need/want 100 watermelons, only about 6.  I have 6 growing now.  So I pulled all the flowers I saw (sorry bees) and any of the baby melons.



I consider myself lucky…here are a few reasons why

Being able to have chickens and a garden, that produce more than we can eat ourselves, so we can share with friends and family.

I have been able to see a family of deer jump 6-8 feet in the air to get over fences.

I saw a wild turkey with her babies.

Walking out to the chickens hearing the yard buzzing from all the bees.

Giant praying mantis, fat worms and all sorts of bug that are creepy but means that our garden is healthy.

I walk slow enough and quiet enough to be able to see a herd/warren/kit of baby rabbits feeding.  I think that one has made me realize just how lucky I am.  Who is lucky enough to see that?  I am never rushed when I go out in the morning, I have time to look, hear and stop to see the nature all around us.



I know I am going to regret this

but I am letting the bunnies stay.  What choice do I have, when this is what you see?!?



I didn’t get any closer cause I didn’t want to bother them.  Now sure where mama was, but that have good coverage under my pepper plant, if they need more they can go deep into the tomato plants.

Heritage Chicken Dinner at Local Roots

We don’t do a lot of fancy dining.  Tasting menus and wine pairings are a thing of my LONG ago past.  We do however love to support local business and believe in how Bramble Hollow Farm raises chicken, pork and (oh please let this happen soon) beef.  Last night there was a Heritage Chicken dinner at Local Roots.  I slapped on a little make up, made Madigan put on something other than sweats and a hoodie and we went out for a FANCY dinner.

The restaurant is lovely, not too big, casual enough that you don’t feel out of place when you bring in a 12 year old, but nice enough to know this is going to be an experience.  We have only been there for Heritage Chicken night and appetizers/drinks.  We got there early, got to say HI to Brent and Anna.  I was worried when we got there, I didn’t see a table with our name on it, I told Boomer I had made a reservation and was certain we had a place to sit.  Ended up we were at the table with Brent and Anna.  It made the event even more fun.  We got to talk about chicken in a totally different way than when we are out at the farm processing, even though we talked about processing a little bit too.  Madigan was the only kid around again, but that’s starting to become the norm. The world famous Doc, who has a bunch of different names sat with us.  I have heard stories of Doc from Chicken Days, but enjoyed hanging out for the dinner and hearing stories and laughing.

I sent Boomer up to get me a drink, as Madigan and I settled in to the table.  We looked at the menu, talked about any possible things she might not like, it’s okay, we can try it all, and don’t have to love it.  Appetizers started coming around.  Deviled eggs with some sort of relish on top that was wonderful.  A spicy chicken meatball that the servers kept telling Madigan it was spicy and she ate it and loved it, And fried chicken heart with kimchi.  When they came by with that one, I don’t know if Madigan heard what it was, but ate it anyway.  When I asked her if she liked the heart, she said “What?  I just at a heart!  I am a monster!”  Then proceeded to eat a couple more.

I want to point out, it is hard to get decent pictures at restaurants sometimes…too much light, not enough.



I tried to get a shot of Brent and Anna talking about what they do and why they do it.  IMG_5981

and when I take 1 good picture I have to take about 14 bad ones, so keep that in mind when it comes to the food pictures.  I didn’t want to seem like a total weirdo, taking 15 pictures of each plate, just a moderate weirdo.

Here’s the menu


This was the first course.


Just in case you aren’t sure what that is…here is another angle.


Yea, chicken foot.  I have chickens and know where their feet are most days.  No of us were sure about it, all committed it at least trying it.  Who do you suppose dug in first?


Not very meaty, but we all agreed it was good. The toes were the best part.  Boomer said they should put them on the menu as chicken fingers. (rim shot)

IMG_5987 IMG_5988

The main course was wonderful, chicken stuffed chicken.  Dilly beans were so good, I am going to make some this year.

And the last course

IMG_5993 IMG_5994

The honey comb was so good.  The egg isn’t really an egg, but a sweet invention of the chef.  I saved my little bits of chicken skin for the last,

At the end of dinner the chef and staff come out.

IMG_5998 IMG_5999