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Pepper update



I love this picture cause it has a few different stages of the pepper.  These are Jalepeno and I can’t wait to go out and pull a dozen and stuff them with cheese and other goodies.

Tomatoes are turning


Once these all turn we will have to extract them.  There are many more higher up.  I feel like I learn to much gardening, what to do differently next year.I plan on canning these for use in chili.

Harvest from today


So many cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, a couple squash, peppers and two eggs,  The basket was so heavy I was worried the handle would break.  Oh and they carrots were not good, I will assume they get sweet at the end of the growing.

Great problems to have

Too many cucumbers.  I have given them to everyone at work. Shared some with family.  I have made cucumber something every day to do my part.  I have 8 sitting in my fridge right now.  That is just from the weekend.  Those are the slicing cucumbers.  I have a dozen or so if the pickling cukes.  I am going to make another batch of fridge pickles.  I pulled all the greens out of the raised bed up front, cooked those up last night, got 8 cups of cooked greens out of it.  I froze half for later.  Not sure how frozen greens will taste but enough salt and butter makes shoe leather taste good.  The tomatoes are starting to turn.  I suspect I will be canning those babies next weekend.  Another great problem to have, no rooster so far.  We buy 6 chickens at a time, because that’s how they sell them and because we expect to lose a few.  So we are living with 10 chickens.  That also seems like too many chickens.  We have a couple we could process for meat birds that are certainly market weight, but it’s a long time till chicken days in the fall and we never know what can happen with those crazy birds.


Still don’t know what this weed is called, but I decided the best way to take care of it is to just pull it.  So double and triple up the gloves and pull away.  The root looks like a turnip and there are these thorny, sticky clusters of pain.


My plan now is to pull them out before Boomer mows.




Gotta get the wire cutters out to get these tomatoes out.IMG_5916

We have a little collection of tomatoes for tonight’s dinner.