August 1

Can you believe it’s August already?!?  School starts in two weeks.  Labor day beach trip.  When the first stitch goes into Madigan’s halloween costume it is a quick slide into the holidays, birthday #13 for our daughter, anniversary#14 for us.  So I am going to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

We have 10 chickens, who are giving us half a dozen eggs every day (weather permitting).  The garden was very productive in July.  I am doing some canning for later.  A woman that I work with has some serious gardening experience, she is helping me with what’s next.  She says broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and greens.  I know I can do green, so that will be a breeze.  The peppers haven’t really kicked in yet, but I am still holding out for that.  Watermelons and muskmelon should be something soon.

The egg total for July 116!