When your friend calls you and says she has access to a bushel of corn with no pesticides or chemicals, you say Yes please!  I was able to get to process it today. First I sorted out the ones I thought were most likely to look good for us and the folks at work I was sharing with.  The basket of the good ones.


And then the not so pretty ones.

IMG_6069 IMG_6070

I got myself set up on the porch, to start the long process of shucking.


I love sharing my love of locally sourced food with anyone interested. I feel if people can taste the different they might be inclined to try and shop at a farmers market.  But I also know people don’t want to deal with the reality of no pesticides and chemicals, which means bugs and with corn, worms.  So they got corn that looked like this.


Then I was in the kitchen blanching all the rest.


That is my water bath canner, full of corn.  So how much corn does that end up being?


3 cups in each bag, so 18 cups.  One bag of little cobettes for Madigan to enjoy.  There are a couple bags that are more like creamed corn, where the ones on the right are mostly kernels.

I know people like to argue about time, or money and how preserving foods for later is what a grocery store is all about.  I like making the effort to provide food for my family that I know how and were it was grown.