Just what I needed

I had gotten a care package from my Aunt Dee last week, but I was too busy getting ready for the beach to take the time to open it.  And after what happened, I am glad I waited.  What I got was a great big hug from my family.  My Aunt had been searching for one of these old Tupperware bowls, she calls them gum bowls, at flea market and yard sales.  I needed a GIANT bowl to mix and hold large batches of stuff for canning.  She found it!



And inside, besides a sweet card and crafts for Madigan, photocopies of recipes of my grandmas, written in a day planner, with some pages that had little notes about her life.


The Shirley she is talking about is the woman on the left.  It had to have been in the 50s.  Funny thing about this is my grandma didn’t drive but she had a day runner, you know to keep up with her busy schedule with at that time 4 kids.  She went on to have 5 more.  My grandmother was one of the feistiest women I have ever met, and she was OLD when I knew her.  She was all about her family, her kids and grandkids meant the world to her.  She saw her share of pain through her children’s lives, when talking about people in the family that didn’t share the Goluba DNA, she said “they aren’t in-laws, they are out-laws.”


That brass bug is my grandmothers.  She had a collection of brass figures.  I don’t know if she actually liked the collection or with 9 kids, you buy something then they all have an idea for a christmas gifts.  She ended up with HUNDREDS of brass pieces.  My uncle Ronnie, who is my “god father” bought a brass piece that was of an adult nature and slipped it in with all the rest of the pieces.  I don’t know how long it was there before anyone noticed.

I love my loud, funny, weird family.  We laugh all time, just thinking about grandma talking about Ron’s boink cracks me up.  Oh how she loved her kids.  I can’t imagine having 8 more and still being able to love all of them, but she did it.  And had more love for all 27 grandkids.

I miss my grandma.