I passed!

The moment we left the farm last Sunday after chicken day my focus became passing my pharmacy test.  When I started my new job in a March, I knew I had to pass this test to keep my job.  6 months flew by and I decided I would just take it, ready or not.

Boomer and Madigan were on their own for food.  I had chili and spaghetti sauce in the freezer, pizza crust were baked so when I got home at night, I would have time to study.  After giving everyone a hug, I would really just study.  No tv, maybe 5 min of Facebook.  I lived on jalapeño cheese bread and baloney sandwiches.

Yesterday I took my test and passed, Thankfully!  I felt good about my answers, but knew I had missed about 8 answers out of 50.  I work in a retail pharmacy so flow rates, or which ventilation hood, vertical or horizontal, do you use to mix chemo drugs are not things I know.   Once I hit finish, I knew my fate was sealed…I either have to study two more weeks or I have passed and I get to keep my job.

i could have kissed the woman who told me I passed. So how does one celebrate?  If you are me spend the day in the kitchen making a ham dinner!