Pork glorious pork


We picked up our half hog today.  It’s over 100lbs of meat.  Sausage in the back is hot Italian and the packs in the front are ground pork.  A few roasts, two page is of ribs, a tenderloin, which I think will become like Oogies tenderloins, jowls and fat on the left front.  That should take care of a third of our dinners for a year.

As always, thanks to Brent and Anna for what they do at Bramble Hollow Farm.  A few times this past summer I was jonesing for Italian sausage.  It would be on a Monday, no farmers market, and I would just breakdown and get some from the store.  And after a couple years of only eating local, it tasted fake and rubbery.  I compare it to bank tellers who are so familar to the feeling of real money that a counterfeit is obvious because it feels off and wrong.  We are spoiled.  We know what chicken and pork should taste like when raised on pasture, with good non gmo feed, with room to move and scratch and root around.