But first, let me take a selfie


My thoughts this time of year go to how much I love this area.  How the changing seasons mean something.  Fall is my favorite, not for the pumpkin spiced lattes and lead up to christmas, but damn I love fall foliage.


My back yard looks lovely, the greens, reds, yellows and browns.  I get out there when the light is still low and it is a great start to every day.


Every drive to work, every morning drop off at school, turns into a sentimental journey, I really love how the farms and fields look.  I grew up mostly in warm climates, Florida and California, so fall is still a gift for me, every year.  Yes we will have more leaves to mulch up and rake than we will know what to do with, but at this moment, I am enjoying the crunching as I walk out every morning to let the chickens out.

Soon this will all be white!