Books for christmas

It’s not all we get but I am excited about the batch of books that came into our lives on Christmas day.


Top to bottom…

People’s History of the United States — one of Boomer’s favorite books, Madigan wanted to read it, so we got it for her for Christmas.

The Scavengers — I heard about this book on NPR, thought Madigan would like it.  Strong girl, crazy rooster, sounded like it was up her ally.

Rare Bird — Listening to my favorite morning show, the host was making fun of his wife reading this book and crying.  He thought it was funny that a books she said was one of her favorites would make her cry so much.

Radical Homemakers — I have wanted a copy of this for the house.  We have one of her cookbooks.  Boomer got this one for me too!

How We Got to Now — Another book I heard about on the radio.  Thought Boomer would like to learn about some of the advancements that have made life easier.

America-Farm to Table — My mother in Law always gets me a cookbook and this one is beautiful.  The pictures and recipes look wonderful!