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getting ready for football


Wings…I have really mastered the wing. We are doing 4 different types this year. I have a favorite, the Asian wings. I could eat 2 dozen.


Something for everything. We have added a little more adult beverages to this table.

My mom

I had a sewing emergency today. I had a weird spool of thread that I wanted to use but couldn’t figure out how to load a bobbin. Whenever I have a sewing emergency my mom is the one to call. And as always she knew the answer, was able to explain it in a way that I understood and she was encouraging of my wanting to keep trying. I thanked her, told her I loved her and hung up. I tried her fix, it worked and I sent her a text saying “I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”



As I kept sewing, that text just kept bouncing around my head. “I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” It’s going to SUCK. And I mean SUCK HARD! She has years and years of life left in her, but I am certain it will be too soon for my liking when it happens. It will be unfair and I will not take it well. I will regret not seeing her more, and beat myself up for any and all of the times I was ever short tempered or frustrated with her.

When it happens I know I would give anything for just one more phone call or text. Just for the opportunity to tell her how I felt today. So thankful that she is my mom, that we got to be as close as we were for SO MANY YEARS. That she got to see me finally settle down, get married and have a kid. I would thank her for putting up with my rants, crazy interests and all the moving I did. Thank her for loving and accepting me for who I am and how I am. I would make sure to tell her how much I appreciate that she thinks I am brilliant and beautiful and a good mother…and that she taught me how to sew.

Looking forward to spring

We had a few warmish days. I have been trying to find out and figure out where were going to put our asparagus patch. Fence line, few trees, sunny spot.



This is in the very front of our property. It is the least likely place for deer. We will also put artichokes up there as well.

Now in the back where we have the to small gardens, we are trying to connect them to make a huge U. I would rather have the narrow sections that I can work, without getting all muddy. We moved the leaves that we had sitting in bags by the shed.



We tossed a few pallets on top to add weight and hold the leaves down. Little rain and snow this week and we might be on the way to new additions in the spring.

But for now, I plan, I knit, I cook.

Dust Bath

Sunday we went out to move the chickens. Ever since the dog attack we’ve had them in a semi-permanent run. I know the run is the best option for the birds but I sure do hate keeping them in such a small space. When we moved the run, we let ’em run around in the yard. They all went to take a dust bath.

I know they aren’t people but they seemed happy. If not happy, they were very much being chickens. It’s times like this that makes us want to keep them free ranging even with the possibility of predator attacks.

What we bring into the house

We don’t have trash collection at our house, but we have trash collection center at the end of our street.  This makes us hyper aware of our waste and our trash.  We wash and sort our plastics and bottles, then they are recycled.  They have a mixed paper dumpster, which is where we stop at least once or twice a month taking all of our boxes.  IMG_6790

It is mostly pasta boxes, some paper products, a few treats for Madigan.  I did see an alarming trend.


My creamer issue.  I like the little individual cups.  I am going to find a solution so we can limit that waste.IMG_6792

And I would love to learn to make pasta.  Maybe not the gluten free variety, but pasta for Madigan.  It would not be as easy as pulling a dollar out of my pocket, but if we can make this pile smaller and add to my skill set I am all for it.

PAUL — my hopes for 2015

It has been a few week since I have had any quiet times alone, without Madigan, or a holiday, or a dinner or an event, where I could just reflect.  In that spirit, I have some ideas for 2015.

** Produce.  Produce more food on our own.  Bigger garden, more flowers, maybe try to raise a few meat birds, can more. We do 90% of our own cooking, using very little prepackaged food.  I want to try my hand at making some breads for Madigan and I.  Maybe learn how to make pasta.  Lower the number of boxes or bags of pre-made stuff.

** Appreciate. I would like to take more time to reflect, soak in, appreciate where we are, even in times of struggle.  Be more thankful for things we have accomplished, how far we have come and what we have done right.  We are fortunate in so many ways, and sometimes we forget how much we do have because we get sucked into others view of success, wealth or riches.

** Unafraid. This is all me, I am afraid of things I know nothing about.  Maybe it is because I was single so long and the buck stopped with me.  Since I do not consider myself handy, and would rather pay someone to fix something than try and do it myself.   My fear is the problem when it comes to changing out the mailbox or replacing a flapper in the toilet.  Boomer literally has to do these thing when I am out of the house because I am a super worrier NUT.  It’s not that I don’t think he can do it, it’s that I know *I* can’t.

** Learn.  Continue to learn. Read more books.  Talk with people who do stuff we want to do.  Try more things.

In addition to all that, get back to pod casting, keep a tidier home, get rid of junk we don’t need. Stay off our smart phones and away from TV.


14 years and the official start of the New Year

I don’t consider January 1 the start of the New Year, it is the 4th.  The last two months of the year are all about eating, drinking, treats, over indulging, all of that continues to the 3rd for us due to our anniversary.

We decided to go out for a fancy dinner for our 14th Anniversary.  The River and Rail is a local sourced restaurant we have been apprehensive about trying, getting a snobby vibe about the place and at one point was told children were not welcomed.  I felt comfortable taking her with us even though some patrons gave her a look.  I told her before we walked in that she deserves to be there as much as everyone else, she loves good food too.

I warned Boomer that I was going to order appetizers, drinks, get the steak entree and get dessert.  It has been a long time since I  have done that.  I love appetizers so much, but I always feel like we spend too much money when we go out to dinner anyway (even if it’s a cheap place, I can make MANY meals for what we send on one dinner out).  For our Anniversary I felt like it was okay.

We ordered the pork rinds with pimento cheese (and it wasn’t nearly as good as the stuff I get from Drew), ham and deviled eggs with carrot chow chow.  All very good.  Boomer had a chicken and sausage dish and Madigan and I split the steak.  A cocktail with Kettle One and cranberries.  A banana pudding with jalapeno ice cream and a tasting of 5 ice creams and sorbets.  It was a great end to another great year as a family.

The only bad thing was Boomer threw out his back that morning (he will do anything to get out of putting the chickens up).  He spend most of Sunday flat in bed.  Then I drive him to urgent care.  To put this into perspective, it was so bad he let me drive.  In the 14 years of marriage, this is the second time I have driven, so I know it was bad.


We are looking forward to another great year of marriage, next year we are planning a trip for the big 15.  We have superbowl sunday and a garden to plan.  Here’s to a healthy, happy and fruitful 2015.