What we bring into the house

We don’t have trash collection at our house, but we have trash collection center at the end of our street.  This makes us hyper aware of our waste and our trash.  We wash and sort our plastics and bottles, then they are recycled.  They have a mixed paper dumpster, which is where we stop at least once or twice a month taking all of our boxes.  IMG_6790

It is mostly pasta boxes, some paper products, a few treats for Madigan.  I did see an alarming trend.


My creamer issue.  I like the little individual cups.  I am going to find a solution so we can limit that waste.IMG_6792

And I would love to learn to make pasta.  Maybe not the gluten free variety, but pasta for Madigan.  It would not be as easy as pulling a dollar out of my pocket, but if we can make this pile smaller and add to my skill set I am all for it.